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Health Insurance

Health Insurance has been in the news a great deal over the past couple of years. And, needless to say, there have been significant changes in the health insurance market, both group health coverage and individual health coverage.

BHH is an agent for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma and writes both group health insurance plans for businesses and retail plans for individuals and/or families. BHH also has several markets for Medicare supplement policies, as well as temporary health coverage if you are in between jobs, and international travel insurance for either short or extended stays abroad.

Dental Insurance

Dental coverage can be purchased in conjunction with your health coverage, or it can be purchased stand-alone. Like health insurance, dental insurance has many different options from which to choose in order to find the plan that best suits you and your family. There are plans that will include coverage for orthodontia and there are plans that won’t. Pediatric dental coverage is currently a part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and provides coverage for dependent children under age 19.

Call BHH today to discuss what dental options are right for you.

Life Insurance

Several years ago I was reviewing the commercial business insurance for a client and was also proposing he consider purchasing a life insurance policy on himself. The purpose of the coverage would be to protect not only his family, but the solvency and continuity of his company should something happen to him. He stated that he wasn’t interested and besides, “I hope I won’t have to use it.” I smiled at his response and had to reply that, of all the insurance protection that we had reviewed that day – his building, inventory, shop tools, vehicles, etc. he may never have a loss on those. One thing is for certain, however, he is going to die someday.

Life Insurance is perhaps the one insurance product that very few people wish to discuss. I just don’t know very many folks who want to talk about their own passing. But, they do want to make sure their loved ones are taken care of should they not be around to do so themselves.

There are many circumstances, other than survivor protection, that the purchase of life insurance can be of benefit – funeral expenses, protection against indebtedness, estate planning, business continuation, buy/sell agreements and simply protecting your insurability. Call BHH today to discuss how life insurance can help make sure you are protecting what matters most to you.


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